Open Sensory

Founded by Kyle Birchard, Open Sensory is a company dedicated to constructing knowledge-generating sensor networks tailored for specialty crop cultivators seeking actionable insights into pests and diseases affecting their farms. Open Sensory's primary mission revolves around pushing the boundaries of optical and environmental sensing technology to empower growers in monitoring, modeling, and quantifying insect activity within agricultural settings. In a productive partnership with BrainBot Labs, Open Sensory has fortified its sensor toolkit by developing and constructing integrated platforms that facilitate the adaptable placement of optical components.

Nevada Fiber County

Established by Andrew Wilkinson, Nevada County Fiber is a pioneering startup dedicated to crafting an affordable, high-speed, and dependable fiber-optic network accessible to the entire Nevada County community. This endeavor aims to foster growth in crucial sectors such as healthcare, employment, education, and public safety in Northern California. In a fruitful collaboration, BrainBot Labs and Nevada County Fiber have jointly created an innovative prototype for industrial equipment designed to significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of fiber-optic cable installation in underground environments.

Renegade Labs Entertainment Inc.

Matthew Edminster and Billy Ramey co-founded Renegade Labs Entertainment, an ambitious startup dedicated to pioneering an innovative interactive drone gaming adventure. Renegade Labs is committed to merging the thrill of arcade-style gaming with cutting-edge drone technology. In a strategic collaboration, BrainBot Labs joined forces with Renegade Labs to conceptualize and create their inaugural gun controller for the gaming experience, serving as the primary interactive interface for players.


Started by Jeremy Rogers, AIM IT PICKLEBALL is a pioneering company committed to revolutionizing pickleball training through innovative accessory equipment. With a dedicated focus on elevating players' skills, AIM IT PICKLEBALL strives to provide enthusiasts with cutting-edge tools designed to enhance their game. To reflect the products quality and innovation, AIM It PICKLEBALL joined forces with BrainBot Labs to create a sleek and efficient custom product packaging that met the needs of their target audience.


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